Onsite Refueling Service
Saves You Big Bucks

With onsite refueling services, we provide the convenience of fuel delivered directly into your equipment, during your company’s off-hours to save you money. If that doesn’t already sound like music to your ears, our system automatically generates reports that you can view online, anytime you want them.

Do you need to know how much fuel a particular truck or reefer is using? Or what your usage totals are for the month? It’s all there in this fast, easy, and convenient way to monitor and manage your fuel consumption.

Learn more about Onsite Refueling at the Petro-Canada website.


Our staff can customize the fueling times to suit your needs, for example providing fueling during off-hours for fleet customers or construction sites. Using barcoded stickers applied to your equipment, our wireless scanners will identify each and every unit on every fill, so you get the exact amount of fuel delivered, every time.

With this state-of-the-art delivery system, you’ll have the ability to easily view billing details, invoices and detailed reports online anytime, for tracking your delivered litres. We service trucks, tractors, reefers, tugboats, barges, farm equipment, and, of course, tanks.

Benefits of our
On-site Refueling

Have you ever tried to calculate how much it costs your business every time your trucks and drivers are sitting, waiting in line for fuel?  With Coastal Mountain Fuels taking care of your equipment fueling needs, your business will save time and money. Having your fuel delivered directly to your site during off-hours will eliminate downtime and increase productivity.

How It Works

To set up your onsite refueling service contact your nearest Coastal Mountain Fuels location, or connect with us online at info@cmfuels.ca. You can then visit Petro-Canada OSR website and where you’ll be able to create an account and view your first report, which will be generated within 24 hours of invoicing. 


Our Commercial Services

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