From the shorelines to the mountain tops, across lakes or through the forests, we ship gas, diesel and heating oil to your tanks when you need it with our fuel delivery service. We deliver directly to your farm or job site, into virtually any size tank.

Our Oil, Diesel & Gas
Delivery Service Benefits

With our home heating oil, diesel and gas delivery services you’ll no longer be required to stop production in the middle of your workday for a fuel refill. Enjoy the advantages of your own private fuel station, accessible whenever you want it, on your own property when you hire us to deliver when and as needed.

How It Works

Our trucks ship in quantities from 600 to 50,000 litres per load, and beyond. Email us at info@cmfuels.ca or call 1-800-798-FUEL (3835) for more information or to set up gas, oil or diesel delivery on a regular schedule (daily, weekly, or monthly). You can also visit us in-person at your nearest Coastal Mountain Fuel Coastal Mountain Fuels location to start your account with us. Or, if you prefer, just give us a call when your tank is running low.

You don’t have a tank yet, or need a new one? We can certainly help set you up with that too! One of our service reps would be happy to assist you in getting the right kind of containment system to suit your needs.

Our Commercial Services

Looking for other fueling services that we provide in British Columbia, Canada? Our Commercial Services include:


On-Site Refueling


Cardlock Fuel


Delivered Fuel




Marine Fuel Dock


Bulk DEF Delivery