Gone are the days when you need to scramble for a last-minute fuel or lubricant delivery. With tank level monitoring, bulk fuel and lubricant storage options, you can forget about empty tanks and focus on your core duties.

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GRANDE Double-Walled Bulk Fuel Storage Solution

Grande fuel storage tanks are a premium solution for harsh operating environments, requiring minimal site preparation. They feature pressed corners, a reinforced top for robustness, and a curved tank roof design, enhancing both capacity and maintenance ease. These tanks adhere to international ISO container footprints (20, 40, or 48 feet), facilitating easier transport and cost savings.

Why choose a double-walled bulk fuel storage solution?

• Enhanced safety and high quality
• Compliance with standards like UL142 and UCL-S601-14
• Long-term durability
•  Cost-effective

Product features:

• Safe fill level capacities from 11,240 to 107,400 litres
• Made with pressed corners and a reinforced top for durability
• Features include a built-in tank access ladder platform, and dual 2″ manway access points
• Extra paint thickness (250-300 microns) for protection in harsh climates
• Available in different sizes and with optional add-ons like pump bays and fuel management systems

Double Wall Fuel Tanks

An environmentally safe option, double wall fuel tanks provide an additional layer of protection against potential spills. This is a great option for all commercial industries, farmers, construction, trucks, manufacturing companies and more. We offer ongoing fuel delivery services to refill tanks as needed.

Why choose a double wall bulk fuel tank?

• Save time on tank refills as compared to cardlock
• Flexible payment options
• Gain more fuel autonomy

Product features:

• Customizable tank sizes
• In line flow meter tracks fluid outflow
• High speed fuel pump (12V or 115V)
• Fuel hose and auto shut- off nozzle
• Level monitor ques next delivery
• Delivery and installation

Offering fuel storage tank rental, sale and lease options, we can help find the best option to suit your needs with a variety of flexible payment plans.

Tank Level Monitoring

Tank level monitoring allows our team to see how much fuel you have left in your tank(s) and leverages real-time data in predicting future consumption. Once you hit a predetermined capacity, you will be automatically added to our delivery schedule for a tank refill.

Product Benefits:

• Automatic fuel refill delivery
• No phone call is required
• No more empty tanks
• Increase autonomy

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Dispensing Totes

When switching to bulk DEF supply, DEF Dispensing Totes are the perfect solution for an economical starter kit. This is a great option for truck fleets, construction companies and other small to large-medium scale industries. We also offer DEF delivery to refill your tote(s) as needed.

Why choose a DEF Dispensing Tote?

• Easy to set up
• Reduce overall DEF cost
• Gain independence with ample supply
• Maintains DEF purity
• Reduces spill potential

Offering DEF Dispensing Totes and tanks for sale, rent and lease, we will find the best payment plan to suit your needs.

Save big and gain more autonomy with bulk DEF storage options.

Lubricant Equipment

Increase the lifetime and reliability of your equipment with an ongoing supply of Petro Canada lubricants. With large volume bench tanks, you will be self-sufficient while keeping your vehicles and equipment running smoothly. We offer ongoing lubricant delivery services to refill your tanks as needed.

Why choose a lubricant bench tank?

• Key in-hand solution that saves time on lubricant refills
• Reduce overall lubricant costs
• Customized payment plans
• Gain more autonomy

Product features:

• Customizable tank sizes
• Sight gauge
• RAM pump
• Heavy-duty reel with delivery hose
• Flow meter control valve
• Non-drip nozzle
• Free delivery and installation

Providing customizable payment plans allows us to help find the best financial option for your new bench tank.


By taking advantage of Fuel Lock® Personal or Business, getting fuel has never been easier. With ongoing delivery, all you have to do is show up to your personal site, enter your pin and pump.  

Business owners now have the ability to know who’s filling up, when and with what fuel in real-time. With the ability to add up to 500 employees and mobile app connectivity, owners can stay connected to their business from anywhere at any time. 

Why choose Fuel Lock®?

• Ability to connect with to new or existing pumps
• Compatible with 120V/240V pumps
• Auto lock timer settable between 5-60 minutes
• Each device contains 2 power supplies

Fuel Lock® Personal product features:

• Single user pin entry
• Weatherproof enclosure
• LED indicator light

Fuel Lock® Business product features:

• Ability to read fuel amount per employee fill
• Enclosure tamper alert
• Include up to 800 equipment assets
• Manage account via the Fuel Lock® app or web dashboard
• Firmware and software OTA updates

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