We're Hiring!

Starting out on Vancouver Island with 28 employees, and 12 trucks, Coastal Mountain Fuels was mostly a home heating oil supplier, with some marine and forestry contracts. The business soon expanded, including more forestry contracts in southern island locations, and more industries such as marine and construction.

In February of 2012, Coastal Mountain expanded to the mainland, incorporating another Petro-Canada bulk fuel distributor, and doubling its size and service areas. In October 2012, Port Hardy Marine was acquired from WC Fuels, servicing bulk marine deliveries. Currently the company is still rapidly growing, having over 80 employees, 40 vehicles, and servicing all areas of Vancouver Island and the lower mainland.

Many of our employees have remained loyal and proud throughout numerous ownership changes. With the combined skills, experience, and dedication to customer service we are quickly growing to be the best in British Columbia.


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