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Home Heating Oil

Furnace Oil

Furnace oil is a fuel specifically designed for heating your home. Our Petro-Canada furnace oil is a blend of No 2 Diesel Fuel and up to 5% Bio Diesel. Furnace Oil conforms to CAN/CGSB-3.2-2011 Heating Fuel Oil. Provincial Regulation mandates that all heating fuel is dyed red.

Stove Oil
Stove oil is a more refined product than Furnace oil. Stove oil is No 1 diesel and contains No Bio Diesel blend. Stove oil is primarily used as a heat source in Mobile Homes.


What is ThermaClean?

ThermaClean is an optional specially formulated additive for Furnace Oil. Petro-Canada developed ThermaClean using technology widely used in Europe since the early 1990's. Today, millions of homes in Europe benefit from similar cleaner-burning fuels. Coastal Mountain Fuels can add Thermaclean to your fuel for a small increase in price.

Why use ThermaClean?

  • Cleaner Combustion leads to lower fuel consumption
  • Less soot reduces emissions and is better for the Environment
  • Reduced Microbiological Activity protects your oil tank from corroding
  • Furnace stays cleaner and reduces odour in the home

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